Recasting The Wizard of Oz in Today’s Time

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The Wizard of Oz remains one of the most iconic movies to this day, but it’s time to follow the yellow brick road into the 21st century! Do the modern day Hollywood stars have what it takes to fill the shoes – or ruby slippers! – of the original cast? 

Dorothy – Millie Bobby Brown 

Judy Garland's performance made her a household name and would be impossible to replace, but Millie Bobby Brown exudes the talent, wonder, and kindness that make audiences fall in love with her.  

Wicked Witch of the West - Helena Bonham Carter 

A natural villain, Helena Bonham Carter was made for this role. Her cackling laugh, eccentric quirks, and dark mysteriousness would surely do the trick on a broomstick.

Glinda the Good Witch - Jessica Chastain 

The Opposite of her sister in the West, Glinda is sugar and spice and everything nice. With a wand in her hand and a crown on her head, Jessica Chastain would have the same magical presence - and the familiar red hair is a nice touch!

The Cowardly Lion – James Corden 

The Cowardly Lion may put on an act of being tough, but he is really just a big ball of feelings. James Corden, with his comedic genius and teddy-bear charm, would find courage in this role.

The Tin Man - Benedict Cumberbatch 

 The Tin Man is a tearful tin soldier who is in search of a heart to. Benedict Cumberbatch could play this character who must work through his emotions to find nerves of steel within.

Scarecrow - Ryan Reynolds 

Scarecrow is the clumsy companion in need of some brains. Ryan Reynolds could certainly use his humor and wit to bring the Scarecrow to life. 

Wizard of Oz - Jude Law 


The Wizard of Oz, once imaged to be an all-powerful being, is revealed to be a fraud, using tricks and illusions to fool everyone. Jude Law is no stranger to playing the role of a grand wizard, but might enjoy playing that of one less glorified in the end.

What do you think of our picks? Change can be good sometimes but alas, there’s no place like home! 

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