So Many Questions, So Little Time: Your Next Binge-Worthy Thriller

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In case you haven't noticed, young adult mystery, suspense and thriller novels are having a moment right now. They have been gaining steam over the last few years, and with the release of every new binge-worthy TV show, the genre is getting bigger and better. If you can't get enough of the dark drama of shows like Riverdale, Pretty Little Liars, Outer Banks, or One of Us Is Lying, you'll absolutely devour The Summer We Forgot by Caroline George. It's a fun, fast-paced, and fascinating murder mystery—perfect for a heart-pounding reading marathon of its own.
The true beauty of this thriller is that the story has multiple entry points. There's the inciting incident, of course. A murder, an assault, some other horrific crimes. There are the twists and turns as the story unfolds with any outcome looking just as plausible as the next. And there are the multifaceted characters, who are deeply introspective and impulsive in the way only teenagers can be. 
So, the story: Darby and Morgan used to be best friends, but they haven't spoken in two years. Their entire friend group has broken up ever since that one fateful summer. But no one remembers what happened or why they stopped talking to each other.
When the body of their former science teacher is found in the marsh where they worked as summer camp counselors, their memories are murky, and their questions are never-ending. Also, the guy who was in charge of the camp? He's disappeared. 
The 30A gang gets back together to try to track down their missing memories—because surely someone has to remember what happened that summer. They begin to suspect that a murderer is stalking the coastal highway in their Florida beach town. But how can they be sure when no one can remember a single thing or trust anyone? 
The Summer We Forgot is a thrilling book about nostalgia, trust, and friendship. It's a coming-of-age story full of twists and turns, but also a dash of romance and deep character growth. It's a potent reminder that life is messy, but maybe that’s the whole point of existing in this world. 
If you're looking for the perfect YA thriller to keep you up all night and give you something to think about, The Summer We Forgot is the book for you. 
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