Books to Give Boys Who Aren't Getting the Hint

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Ah, boys. Where do we even begin? They are about 52% of the world population. Their literary work has been better retained in the canon over the past 400 years. Statistically, they can usually help reach things on higher shelves. They sometimes have some problems with rejection – that is, noticing the mere fact that they have been rejected. Maybe it’s cultural, maybe it’s personal, maybe it’s because relentlessly pursuing a woman always works in the movies so why wouldn’t it work on that Starbucks barista! No matter what the reason, we have found a bookish solution to your problem. If you’re looking for a classy rejection: give the man a book. If Steve from Accounting asks you to dinner for the seventh time, don’t waste your time making up an excuse or reminding him that you’re not interested. Instead, keep one of these books handy, and pass it along as a gift.

rejection1. Boundaries by Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend

Simple, sweet, and to the point. Boundaries says it all, and what it says is: “please stop asking me out.” You can even go the extra mile and put some flags in it. Direct him to chapter two, “What is a Boundary?”, because it seems like he might not have any concept at all. While you’re at it, feel free to dive on in yourself, especially if you have any irrational guilt over setting boundaries.

2. Wuthering Heights by Charlotte Bronte

This one takes a little thinking, so you might have to explain it to him. Flashcards can be helpful. Take him through step by step: look, this is the story of a boy who pursues a girl and she’s not into him and she eventually gets with him and everyone dies. The end. I might be exaggerating a teeny-tiny bit, but the basic premise is the same. Don't pursue relentlessly; save a life.

rejection3. Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst

The moment this book passes from your hands into his, he is being rejected. I mean, just look at that cover! The sad hipster girl with the bouquet who has been uninvited to the party is him, and the party is your love life. If you want to really reinforce the point, there’s also a great study guide! Just bundle that rejection right up.

rejection4. It’s Not Fair by Melanie Dale

Everything about this book says, “Wah, wah.” It’s actually a fantastically-written (and shockingly hilarious) book on living in a world where your dreams have been crushed, but the cover gets the message across. So now that his world has been “crushed” – air-quotes necessary – by your rejection, now he has the material to get him through it. If he somehow finds the gall to come back, follow this up with Dale’s other title, Women Are Scary. Make direct eye contact when you hand him that one. Point, taken.

5. Letting Go: The Pathway to Surrender by Dr. David R. Hawkins

This is a classic! It's strong! It's straight-forward! It’s so clinical, how could it not get the message across? It’s a self-help book about getting rid of negative energy, and his negative energy is the fact he can’t seem to realize you’re just not into him. Readers can also launch this book as a projectile. It can be accompanied with a certain ice-princess song. This is a last resort! Do whatever you need to get the message across. Did we leave any off the list? Comment or hit us up on social media, and let us know! Need more support, check out our list of books that should have female adaptations. Page Chaser is operated by HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc., the publisher of Boundaries, Uninvited, and It's Not Fair.
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