Books That'll Keep You From Being Pinched on St. Patrick's Day

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I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of St. Patrick's Day. I mean, no offense, but who in their right mind tacks onto a Saint day the contingency that you have every right to pinch the person adjacent without fear of repercussion? There is no Punch-Buggy-No-Punch-Back clause for Valentine's Day! To make matters worse, if you are like me and only own a total of three colors, this could be a bruised holiday indeed.

A Remedy for this St. Patrick's Day Problem

I prefer going with a good book to carry around. These can be used as shields or even a human fly swatter. In case of pinching emergency: hold up this book and fight them off! Here’s a couple of brilliant ideas to keep you safe today.

Lessons From a Third Grade Dropout by Rick Rigsby St. Patrick's Day, St. Patrick's Day books

Other than the cover being green and some fantastic protection against the finger squishing, this book (and audiobook) is a great read from a majorly impressive man. Knowledge and safety for St. Patrick's Day!

If We Survive by Andrew KlavanSt. Patrick's Day, St. Patrick's Day books

Suspense. Thriller. Action and adventure. Protection from pinching fiends. This book has it all while offering various shades of that coveted emerald green.

Saint Patrick by Jonathan Rogers

St. Patrick's Day, St. Patrick's Day books Look at this gem. It's so perfect for the occasion that you actually get magical St. Patrick's Day powers. Now, you can pinch anyone for any reason. With great pinching power comes great responsibility.

The Daniel Plan by Rick Warren

St. Patrick's Day, St. Patrick's Day books

In case you fell off the wagon from every New Year’s diet, here is a great start to your fiftieth try. It is March, and I have failed that many times AT LEAST.

River's Edge by Terri Blackstock

St. Patrick's Day, St. Patrick's Day books

If you’re a fan of the If I Run series by this thriller queen, dig into this one too. It will tide you over until she writes again. Cue the bated breath. (PSA: this is the THIRD book. Please don’t pop in on this one in the middle. You will for sure need the first two and the last one. And a nightlight, cause these books will keep you up all night and on the edge of your bed.)

Don't Settle for Safe by Sarah Jakes RobertsSt. Patrick's Day, St. Patrick's Day books

I know, I know. That tiny bit of color is the only thing that will save your hide this St. Patrick's Day. But I mean, come on! How gorgeous is she?! And we are all about some powerful women in literature.

Daughter of Silk by Linda Lee Chaikin

St. Patrick's Day, St. Patrick's Day books This historical fiction looks lovely enough to wear. All honesty: I would prance around the kitchen while in this gown for no reason.

Staying Stylish by Candace Cameron Bure

St. Patrick's Day, St. Patrick's Day books Who doesn’t love this Full House star and role model? Take a note from Candace and go outside. Sit on a swing. Read this book while you sit on the swing. Out there you should be good, far away from all the pinching. Here’s to all of you out there celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Have a great one! PS: Good Saint Pat supposedly drove out all the snakes in Ireland. And while I lived there – no snake in sight. What a champ! Macy is made of sugar, spice, and the fiery passion of a thousand suns. A true farm-raised-big-city-transplant, she sometimes looks at the rest of us like a horse she could break. You can catch her on Instagram, Facebook, or absolutely creaming the rest of us at Bible trivia. HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc., operates Page Chaser, the publisher of Staying Stylish, Daughter of Silk, Don't Settle for Safe, River's Edge, The Daniel Plan, Saint Patrick, If We Survive, and Lessons from a Third Grade Dropout.
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