How to Listen to Free (or Cheap!) Audiobooks

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I would like to present a very scientific and mathematically-sound audiobook equation to you:

Morning Commute + Traffic + Audiobook = You Read a Lot of Books

audiobooks for free When your morning looks like this, audiobooks are a saving grace.
Because of that, I do consume a copious amount of audiobooks. And although I am a “patron of the arts” (AKA I pay for audiobooks), it’s also helpful to have other methods to listen to audiobooks that can pad my library without worrying about paying rent. If you’re totally in this same situation, you may want the skinny on how to get some sweet audiobooks on either the cheap or on the free. And I have some solutions for you! Here’s some of the ways I get audiobooks for free or for deep, deep discount:

Overdrive and Hoopla = A true gift

I don’t want to remember my life before Overdrive and Hoopla. They have literally made it so much better. All you need is A) An account B) A library card and C) An insatiable appetite for books. If your library participates in either Hoopla or Overdrive, you can check out audiobooks directly from your account and immediately gain access to this wonderful treasure trove of content. And they literally have THOUSANDS of books that you can choose from. Once you finish one audiobook, you’d be hard-pressed to not find another one that is calling your name.


Want to revisit some classics? Librivox is totally your thing then. Volunteers narrate books that are in the public domain and offer the audiobooks for free on Librivox. They might not be as snazzy a recording as you get with the audiobooks you paid for, it’s still a great way to brush up on classics or listen to older titles you’ve never heard of before.

Christian Audio

Christian Audio has a FREE audiobook each month. I mean, free, y’all. Check it out here!
audiobooks for free Actual live footage of me celebrating free audiobooks.
Also, they have really great prices on audiobooks (twice a year sale for pretty much all audiobooks at $7.49 which is bomb) and you can also get a subscription that will offer you 4 credits towards an audiobook each month, and a lot of audiobooks are less than 4 credits (meaning, you could get two audiobooks a month sometimes!)


Did you know that Audible offers not only a subscription where you get audiobooks for free every month, but you can also listen to their channels and get some awesome deals on audiobooks on the daily? Well, it does!

Page Chaser Deals

Listen, this is a shameless plug, but a totally worth-mentioning shameless plug: Page Chaser Deals will deliver to your inbox the best daily deals for both ebooks and audiobooks. You don’t gotta do anything but open that beautiful, beautiful email up each day and browse through the great deals each day. Want to sign up? You can here! So, those are some fun ways to accumulate sweet audiobooks at a sweet price (which is often at the free price-point).

Question for you: What are some ways that you find audiobooks for free?

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