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I have lived through 70 degree summer afternoons, frigid snow-covered mornings, and torrential, all-day downpours. And all of that was this week. So, you know what I need? A dang vacation! Order up: vacation for one, please! Yes, that’s right, I am asking for a solo vacation day. I am all about socializing, but sometimes enough is enough, and I need some good old-fashioned “me” time. Can I get a “Hallelujah” from the introverts? A quiet one, maybe? Well, regardless of whether you are an introvert or not, everyone needs some alone time. Giphy, solo vacation This can be a literal trip, or a happy solo stay-cation. So, no matter your reason, we have a book suggestion for you. Pack your bags or lock your door, load up your e-reader, and let’s get going.

Here are 5 reasons to have a solo vacation day:

You need a break from all the humans.

solo vacationMaybe this sounds harsh, but hey, we all can be annoying. Sometimes you need a break from even the kindest, sweetest, “oh-my-word-if-they-ask-me-how-I’m-doing-one-more-time-I’m-going-to-lose-it” friends. That’s ok. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them. You just need some time to recharge. While you're recharging, you can read Girl, Wash Your Face. This is essentially the book equivalent of a firm shoulder shake and an honest pep talk. Rachel Hollis knows that you can have your life together. You just have to start somewhere. Beach reading? Yes.

You want to carpe some dang diem.

solo vacationWhat is it that you want to do for the day? Sleep ‘til noon, eat mac and cheese for breakfast, and then stay out all night getting to know your city? Buy a one-way plane ticket to Nepal? Live your best life. In this mini retreat with you and only you, do what makes your heart happy. Need some inspiration? Check out At Home in the World. Tsh and her family (yes, family — three children under 10. Aren't you glad you're on a solo vacation?) set off for the great wide world. They travel from China to Ethiopia to New Zealand, and so many places in between. If you've been bit by the travel bug, bad, this will be a great companion on your journey.

You need a judgement free zone.

mess and moxie, of mess and moxie, Jen hatmaker, solo vacationSpeaking of eating your weight in Mac and cheese, a solo vacation day means that no one is there to say that you’re not eating healthy or you need to stop bingeing Gilmore Girls. Take some time to live your best life. There are only about 15,000 expectations on you at any given point, so I can promise you that we won't judge if you want to take a little time away from them. You know who doesn't judge? Jen freakin' Hatmaker. Of Mess and Moxie is her latest (and potentially greatest?) book yet. She has driven to the wrong city for a field trip, begged her child to stop licking the bathroom trash receptacles, and countless other things that will make you realize that your life, like hers, is just fine.

You need a reset.

resurrection year, male infertility, Sheridan voysey, solo vacationLife happens. And sometimes, it happens ugly. When everything is going down, oftentimes the best thing to do is to get the heck away. Get away from your surroundings, your situation, and your circumstance for a little while. We have the perfect book for that: Resurrection Year. Part memoir, part healthy guide to surviving the death of a dream. If you need healing and a gentle tug to pull you out of your current surroundings, Sheridan Vossey is here to help.

You're rockin' the single life, and you know vacations don't need romantic partners.

solo vacation, Party of One, Christian singleness, singleness in the church, Joy Beth SmithHave you been putting off that trip to Hawaii because you think it’d make a better honeymoon? NO MORE my friend, no more. If you want to lounge on a beach in actual paradise, then go for it. A vacation is really a time to refresh and better yourself, and you don’t need a partner to do either of those things. While you’re smelling that salt air, you can be devouring this absolute gem, celebrating rockstars like you: Party of One. You'll laugh. You'll cry. It'll move you, Bob. Enjoy your vacation of solitude! But remember to socialize again…eventually. If you cant afford to be a world traveler, check out more great book recommendations at Page Chaser. Intern Savannah can handle just about anything, which is great, because she has to handle just about everything. When she's not memorizing BISACs, she is furthering her education with the Page Chaser team, who are instilling in her relevant information such as global politics and what the Met Gala is. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, or under a precariously tall stack of leaning mailings. But you'd better hurry. HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc., operates Page Chaser, the publisher of Girl, Wash Your Face, Resurrection Year, Of Mess and Moxie, Party of One, and At Home in the World.
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