Audiobooks to Help You Avoid that Fact that Summer is Ending

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Here in Nashville, everyone is going back to school. I mean, not us, because we're adults and we're trapped here. Anyway, I don’t even understand. It feels like summer just began, despite it being the year of the Heat Wave That Shall Not Be Named. That’s how evil it truly was. Now summer is ending.
Me outside this summer
Actual footage of me every time I went outside in the heat this summer.
And YES, I know, I know, summer doesn't officially end until September's almost wrapped up. But, it doesn't feel that way all, does it? So, if you’re heading back to school, or you’re just witnessing school supplies being touted everywhere you shop, I’ve put together a list of a couple audiobooks that might help you ignore the fact that the dog days of summer are coming to an end.

3 Audiobooks to distract you from the fact summer is ending.

Fawkes by Nadine Brandes

Need some epic adventure to avoid the fact that your English teacher is asking for an essay round-up of your required reading over the summer (for another time: the fact that haven’t they changed the required reading books in 50 years)? Dive into this epic adventure. You’ve got this cool alternative history element of 17th century London, a little smack of romance, and a PLAGUE THAT THREATENS EVERYONE. So yeah, it will definitely help distract you from the boring schoolwork that you know you have to eventually get to.

Hunting Charles Manson by Lis Weihl

If you’re like most of America and listened to the Serial podcast in a solid 12-hour block, then you’ve been bitten by the True Crime bug and there’s no going back now. Lis Wiehl’s new true crime book, Hunting Charles Manson, took her YEARS to write and while she was researching for this book, she got exclusive interviews with the people surrounding the Manson family’s crimes and murders. It will literally suck you in and not let go. And you can pretend for just a couple hours that you don’t have to start thinking about creating that PowerPoint presentation for History 200. Ugh.

Send Down the Rain by Charles Martin

If you didn’t discover Charles Martin after his epic book, The Mountain Between Us, was turned into an amazing movie, then get on the Charles Martin train. ALL of his books are so, so good, and his newest novel has the elements that every good summer read contains: a beach, angst, romance IT HAS IT ALL FRIENDS. 10/10 would recommend. So, even though it’s only August and summer ain’t over yet, the end is nigh. However, let’s ignore that, settle down to listen to a good audiobook, and decide that the long, carefree days are just here to stay.

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