All the Books that Should Become Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

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You know him. You love him. You cried when he finally won an Oscar, because honestly he was on the verge of filming his next movie inside a live volcano for that trophy. Leonardo DiCaprio, AKA everyone’s favorite dreamboat, has more film credits than we can keep track of, so we can’t help but picture him as every leading man. I mean, have you seen Romeo + Juliet? What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? And don’t even get me started on Titanic. Needless to say, Leonardo DiCaprio movies are a balm for the soul.
What could he do next? Well, while we were reading Hunting Charles Manson, apparently he was, too! So, what other books would Leo be amazing in? Why, thank you for asking.

Five Books That Would Make Perfect Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

  1. Murder at the Flamingo – Rachel McMillan

Glamour, dark underworlds, and murder; what more could you ask for? Murder at the Flamingo follows Hamish DeLuca, a runaway lawyer, and Regina Van Buren, an heiress determined to be self-sufficient. Together, they help open Luca Valari’s fashionable Flamingo nightclub. Then, MURDER. The sleuthing duo must work together to expose the murder before the darkness destroys everything they’ve built. Our boy Leo has proved he can nail a period piece drama with with book adaptation of The Great Gatsby. We can just picture the sleek suits, dramatic camera angles, and the all-star cast this story deserves (lookin’ at you Emma Stone and Kenneth Branagh).
leonardo dicaprio movies It IS what I want!!
  1. A Noise Downstairs Linwood Barclay

If I know anything about Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s that he loves to mess with our minds. From Inception to Shutter Island, the man has had us searching the internet for answers to movie endings for years. That’s why our next pick has Leo written all over it. A Noise Downstairs is about Paul Davis, a college professor with a normal life until he witnesses a murderer disposing of a couple bodies. Not great. Distraught from the encounter, Paul’s life is turned upside down. His wife, Charlotte, tries to cheer him up by bringing home a vintage typewriter to encourage him to get started on that novel he always wanted to write. However, Paul swears the typewriter is possessed and types by itself at night, but only Paul can hear the noise. Now, he believes the typewriter is connected to that murrder. Dun dun DUNNNN. It's creepy. It's twisty. This movie definitely needs a patterned DiCaprio scream. leonardo dicaprio movies
  1. November Road – Lou Berney

If you have been waiting for Leo to do another Catch Me If You Can-esque movie, this is the perfect chance. Frank Guidry is a loyal street lieutenant to New Orleans’ mob boss Carlos Marcello and his luck has finally run out. Set against the assassination of JFK, Guidry is a man on the run. He sees the perfect disguise to cover his tracks from the hit men on his tail: a housewife (Charlotte), her two young daughters and the family dog. But Guidry isn’t the only one running: Charlotte is also searching for an escape (insert Kate Winslet). The novel centers on a desperate cat-and-mouse chase across 1960s America. This story is practically begging to be a film and there truly is no better Leo than a Leo on the run. leonardo dicaprio movies
  1. Pirata – Patrick Hasburgh

Picture this: on the street, off-duty Leo. We’re talking cargo shorts and flip-flops Leo. Got it? Now put that image to Nick Lutz, a former car salesman who has lost everything, including his eye. Nick heads to Mexico to shed his former self. There an eclectic group of locals call him “pirata” and he spends his days surfing with his buddy Winsor. All is well until Winsor’s girlfriend, Meagan, ends their abusive relationship and flees to Nick’s beachside cabin. When a body washes up in the surf, Nick realizes his secrets – and sins- have caught up with him. And there are dangerous new surprises that have yet to roll in. This book is heartwarming, gripping and surprisingly funny. This character would give Leo the chance to flex his comedic muscles, while still holding on to the twists that we know and love.
leonardo dicaprio movies It'll be like Wolf of Wall-Street, but you can watch it with your mom.
  1. Moscow Nights – Nigel Cliff

Whoa, this one is crazy. It's the true story of a young Texan pianist, Van Cliburn, who played his way through the wall of fear built by the Cold War. The Soviets were charmed by Cliburn’s extraordinary talent, passion, and fresh-faced innocence (wow did they just capture Leonardo DiCaprio?), but it was his palpable love for the music that earned their devotion. We’ve seen Leo tackle real-life stories in J. Edgar and The Aviator and imagine Leo as a pianist (can it get any better??), so our only question is when does filming begin?
leonardo dicaprio movies Ready to swoon.
Whether you love him (me) or hate him (people who are incorrect), you can’t deny that Leonardo DiCaprio movies are border-line perfection. He is a talented actor, and with a career that spans over 20 years and counting, he continues to capture audiences around the globe. So, this one's to you, Leo! We’ll be patiently waiting to see you on screen again soon. leonardo dicaprio movies Gabby is part intern, part Bible marketer extraordinaire. When she's not watching a true crime show or reading up on the Royal Family, she loves to root for her Tennessee Vols. The latter fact means she has a tense relationship with resident Alabama fan, Holly. Only one will make it. If you enjoyed this, please enjoy more articles by our fabulous interns! Joyful Books to Start Spring Right and Books for a Solo Vacation by Intern Savannah Our Dream List of Musicals Based on Books by Intern Gracen 7 Retellings and Modern Classic Books You Need ASAP by Intern Marisa HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc., (HCCP) operates Page Chaser, the publisher of Murder at the Flamingo. HCCP is owned by HarperCollins Publishing, Inc, the publisher of November Road, Pirata, Moscow Nights and A Noise Downstairs.
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