Puppy Book Reviews: Dog Days of Summer

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Well friends, here we are. Right smack dab in the dog days of summer. We’re in the midst of blistering heat and stifling humidity (I guess this depends where you live though. If you’re out west soaking up 75 degrees and sunny skies, we see you and we envy you). What else does this excruciating heat bring? Nothing other than more Puppy Book Reviews… Our personal favorite way to beat the heat! We recently hung out with Millie, one of our Page Chaser pups, and asked for her reviews of our favorite summer books. Read on my friends…

Puppy Book Reviews, Volume II: The Dog Days of Summer.

The Love Letter Puppy with book, dog reading book

Leaving Cloud 9

The Hundred Story Home

Girl, Wash Your Face

Murder at the Flamingo

Once Upon a Farm

dog days of summer, dog with Rory feek, once upon a farm Now that your day is made and everything is right with the world, would you like more puppy content? Why not check out: Puppy Book Reviews, Volume I: Two Paws Up 7 Books Where The Dog Doesn't Die Millie's human's article: The Best Covers of 2017 (From a Designer's Perspective!)

Got a favorite dog book? Have an idea of what books we should review next? Let us know in the comments below!

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