Meet Sam Acho: The NFL Linebacker Who Loves Shakespeare

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Hey Page Chaser Fam! My name is Sam Acho and I wanna start by saying: It is so nice to meet you!! For those of you who don’t know (which may be most) I am....

an NFL Linebacker who loves Shakespeare…

so much so that I memorized a bit of Richard III’s soliloquy as he was trying to become king. I also memorized the prologue of the Canterbury Tales (in middle English of course) – I guess was I’m saying is that I’m a big nerd. Both literally and figuratively.

I’m 6’3” tall and weigh about 255 lbs. My job, for the longest time, was to tackle people for a living. And boy did it feel good. But what I didn’t realize was that somewhere along the line, my identity got lost from who I really was to who I wanted people to see. I started hiding, pretending, and wearing masks. Maybe you can relate. For me, hiding was easy. It started back when I was a kid, if I ever felt ashamed, I would run to the bathroom and just sit. I felt safe. But as I grew older, and bathroom stalls weren’t always readily available, I learned a new way to hide. I would hide within myself. I would act like everything was okay, when in reality, it wasn’t. I wasn’t. Hiding was never the answer. It was never meant to be.

In my new book, my first book, Let the World See You: How to be Real in a World Full of Fakes, I talk about the reasons we hide. I talk about the pain that comes from hiding; from pretending. I talk about the pain that ensued after living a lifestyle of hiding behind a self-made mask that hides the real you. But I also talk about hope. I talk about the joy and freedom that comes when you allow the world to see you. The sudden exhale you experience when you show those around you your true self; the real you. It’s so refreshing.

You see, the truth is that we need you. We need your joy, your pain, your sorrow, your freedom. We need all of you. The time to pretend is no longer. That’s why I wrote the book; and I can’t wait to share it with you. It would bring me no greater joy.

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