Women Authors I'd Love to Have in My Book Club

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women's history month book club

Let’s just start off this blog post by wishing everyone a very happy Women’s History Month. There nothing we love more than celebrating the Queens who write and who appear in our favorite books.

Cheers to all the literary ladies who have inspired us.

In the spirit of National Women’s History Month (and also in the spirit of our Dearest Josephine Book Club), we’ve made a list of some fabulous women writers who would make amazing book club members/discussion partners. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have some sweet literary discussion with this crew?:

Jane Austen

jane austen women book club

All hail the queen of snark. Jane Austen’s prose and characters have literally been my saving grace numerous occasions, and I would lurve to hear her take on some modern-day romance (I suspect her response would be something like “People are just as ridiculous and they were in the 1800s???”)


Joy Davidman

joy davidman book club

This is the only woman who captured literary giant C.S. Lewis’s heart, and she herself was an amazing writer. If her poetry is any insight into her internal dialogue, I think her book club discussion and questions would blow some minds.


Frances Hodgson Burnett

frances women book club

I’m biased, because Frances immigrated from England to my home state of Tennessee, so I have a warm spot for her in my Tennessee Mountain Heart. But this woman wrote BOTH The Secret Garden and A Little Princess??? What a literary giant.

L.M. Montgomery

L.M. Montgomery

This woman gave us Anne of Green Gables, so you know that I’m gonna be listening to every word she says because how did she know that Anne Shirley was exactly the character I needed as an awkward thirteen year-old????

What literary bffs would you like to have in your book club?

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