Audiobook Benefits: Use an Audiobook to Get Out of Your Reading Slump

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I have a confession to make: I am indubitably in a reading slump.

I really don’t know how I got here in this reading slump, because I have read some fantastic books lately. And it’s not that I’m not reading. I am. But just not at the typical pace in which I typically voraciously consume a book.
Reading slump, audiobook benefits Footage of how I usually read...
It may have something to do with the fact that I have a teething toddler and it makes my free time less… free. Or maybe it’s because I was so "full steam ahead" with completing a reading challenge, and my brain literally said “chill out, woman.”

I’m not sure, but this is one thing I do know: audiobooks will save the day.

Again, I know that I’m an audiobook broken record. I’ve already espoused one of the benefits of reading (new parents, I’m looking at you, audiobooks change EVERYTHING). So, I’m moving onto another of the audiobook benefits:

If you are in a reading slump, audiobooks are here to help.

How do audiobooks get you out of your reading slump? Well, let me regale you. For one, audiobooks engage another part of your brain than when you’re reading a print, but they are still excellent for overall reading comprehension. Think of it as a fresh new way to read, but on a deep, neurological level. Second, there’s just some audiobooks that are their own unique experiences that deserve a listen (Exhibit A: Kwame Alexander’s audiobooks are jewels that demand respect). Also, you can be reading whilst the rest of your life happens, like that cray commute you have every morning, or washing the dishes, or even showering. Literally, just pick something, and I can guarantee you can do it whilst listening to an audiobook.
reading slump, audiobook benefits Okay, maybe don't listen to an audiobook while using heavy machinery.
And, if you’re trying to finish up a reading challenge (shameless plug: like the Page Chaser Summer Reading Challenge) audiobooks are a great way to switch things up and cross out some books on your list.

What about you? What are the ways that you overcome a reading slump? Share your favorite audiobook benefits with us on Instagram by tagging @PageChaser!

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