Our Top Anticipated New Audiobook Releases in June

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June is right around that corner and that means so many wonderful things, because SUMMER. IS. HERE. Beaches, flip flops, and long days are all a part of this glorious, glorious month. Also? The selection of new audiobook releases in June is FIRE.
new audiobook releases in June Me basking in the FIRE new audiobook releases of June.
Let me introduce you to some of the audiobooks coming up that I'm super pumped about...

Life to the Extreme by Ty Pennington

If you didn’t cry during Extreme Home Makeover, you are either a cyborg or missing your feelings. Go get your feelings and definitely listen to Ty Pennington as he brings you along for the journey of how we went from rambunctious teenager to the star of a hit network show.

Perfectly You by Mariana Atencio

First, Mariana is an adorable human being who you should cherish. Second, she is fighter and her story is super encouraging and inspiring. Her narration adds a flourish of character to her new audiobook, Perfectly You.

The Bottom of the Pool by Andy Andrews

My two favorite things about an Andy Andrew’s audiobook is A) The content and B) Andy Andrew is an amazing narrator 10/10 would recommend. If you aren’t inspired by Andy’s effusive narration, you might want to check your pulse.

What Made Jesus Mad by Tim Harlow

I love that Tim Harlow is willing to say something that a lot of us won’t: Jesus got angry. A lot. And through this anger, we can learn a lot. It’s unique and always timely.

Over the Line by Kelly Irvin

If they don’t make a movie about this book, somebody has dropped the ball. This international thriller doesn’t let up on character development, and you’ll love Gabriella and Eli and want them to finally be together already.

What new audiobook releases in June are you excited about?

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